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Custom Coffee Blends

Custom 100% Organic Coffee Blends

Dex's Expedition  Medium Roast

Featuring the medium roasted coffees of Peru, Colombia and Brazil. A smooth blend with undertones of milk, chocolate, caramel, tangerine and an almond finish with low acidity.
12 0z. Bag - $15

Soby's Journey.  Medium/Dark Roast

Featuring the medium/ dark roasted coffees of the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Costa Rica. A smooth creamy blend with undertones of vanilla, chocolate and orange with low acidity.
12 0z. Bag - $15

Global Adventure  - Dark Roast

Featuring dark roasted coffees of Ethiopia and Colombia. A smooth blend with undertones of sweet chocolate and red fruit with some sweet nuttiness with low acidity.
12 0z. Bag - $15

Summer Excursion - Medium Roast - Seasonal Blend
Featuring a blend of coffees from Brazil, Mexico, Honduras and Colombia, roasted medium to give a smooth and balanced tasting coffee enjoyed hot or ice
12 oz. Bag - $15

Morning Voyage - Decaf. Medium Roast

Featuring a blend of Central and South America. A smooth blend with a citrus bright taste balanced with a milk chocolate sweetness with low acidity.
12 oz. Bag - $15

Coffee Pods

Coffee Pods are available for any of the custom blends in bags of 12 pods. These can be used with most pod type coffee makers.

Build Your Own Exploration Pack -

Choose a variety of our blends, Dex's Expedition, Soby's Journey, Global Adventure. Morning Voyage (decaf) and our seasonal blend,


You can choose one Blend for all 12 .

You choose any combination for your pack.


12 ct. bag - $14

       Free delivery to locations in Connecticut

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