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              " I'm so pleased I stopped in East Haven at the Farmer's Market. I enjoyed my new coffee from your stand.

                       Terrific!!!! Fabulous!!!!! Thank you for being there.

                                                                                                                         - Madonna Riopel

"This coffee is really something special…so much so that anyone who walks by and gets a whiff of my cup in the morning at the gym always asks where it’s from. Our household started drinking Traveling Sisters about a month or two ago and we haven’t stopped since. Each blend is unique in its own right, but all that I’ve tried are bolder and fresher than any store bought coffee I’ve had in the past. Thank you ladies for the AM kickstart!!"

- R.J.  Ugolik

"Traveling Sisters Roasters has such good coffee!!! If you're

looking for very smooth, not bitter and with no after taste

(and organic too!) then try their coffee! My favorite so far

is Global Adventure!!

   - Sally Montano

"As a Colombian, I love a good coffee and I enjoy it to the last drop. Last week I received a gift from a Soul sister Yajaira.

The gift was a bag of coffee from Traveling Sister Rosters and the blend is called Soby's Central American Blend.

Let me tell you WOW!!!! what a blend!! smooth, delicate, authentic, and good to the last drop!

I can feel, connect, and receive the beautiful intentions that are put into each coffee bean, and the love for the product is felt. Recommended 100%

Thank you Traveling Sisters Roasters

Let’s support small businesses"

- Eva Romero

"Winter escape is what I’m drinking right now!! Excellent!!" - Debbi Solomon Brym

"Your coffees are all excellent!"

     - Linda Hricz-borges

"They have all been great. I think Dex is my favorite."

    - Kathleen Mcsparran Mendonca


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